Smart Lights

Control Your Lights from the Palm of your Hand

Have you always dreamed of being able to turn off your lights while laying in bed? Smart lights offer a convenient solution to how we control the lights in our home. Smart lights can be controlled by connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Simply connect your lights to a smart device, and have the ability to control your lighting by voice command, or with the touch of a button. Smart lights offer many features beyond turning lights on or off. Have the ability to control the brightness of lights, as well as the color to give the rooms in your home a touch of personalization. Smart lights also provide motion detection features. For enhanced security in your home, you can program your lights to send notifications when unexpected motion is detected in your home. With smart lights the possibilities are endless. Our team of experts at Noble Guard Home Automations are here to assist you in making your home the best it can be. For more information about our smart light installation services contact us today.

Smart Light Features

  • On/Off Controls
  • Brightness Settings
  • Variety of Colors/Hues
  • Motion Detection
  • Timed Lighting Settings
  • Voice Control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home
smart lights

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smart lights

Why Smart Lights are the Smart Choice for your Home

Save Energy

Easy access to control brightness of lights, and turn lights on/off.

Add a Personal Touch

Customize your light settings to give the room a personal touch for different occasions.


Control your lights from anywhere in your home using a mobile device, or voice control.

Enhanced Security

Program your lights to alert you when there is unexpected motion in your home.

Why Choose Noble Guard Home Automations

When it comes to providing smart light installation in Naples and surrounding areas, you will be in great hands with Noble Guard Home Automations. We have assisted many residential clients with smart light installation. Enjoy the ability to control your lighting features from the palm of your hand. Our team will help you determine which system will best suit you and your lifestyle. Contact us today for an estimate on smart light installation services.

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